Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sweet Visit & National Adoption Awareness Month!

November is national adoption awareness month! A friend of mine has written a great post on examining ourselves with regards to caring for orphans. Check it out here.

Chris will never forget the sermon our pastor preached several years ago on
James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

God’s Word challenged us to examine ourselves, and there began our journey towards adoption! Almost two years later, we are getting ready to finalize our adoption of Isaac!

We recently finished our 6 month supervision period, and got to meet with Kacie again! The excitement that filled us as we drove to New Life (our adoption agency) is beyond words.

The last time we got to see Kacie was when Isaac was 1 week old. Now at 6 months, he was headed to the red couch to see Kacie again! Every month we wrote Kacie, we talked about our anticipation of this day, and now it was here!

To see Kacie walk through that door, was indescribable . I wanted to jump up and run to hug her, actually that is exactly what we did! She looked so great, beautiful beyond description!

She hugged Chris & I and had Isaac in her arms before we sat down on the famous red couch. She was in awe of how big he was! There is a huge difference in holding a 6 pound baby and holding a 21 pound wiggle-bot!

She commented a thousand times about how big he is. It was precious as she took his socks off to look at his tiny toes and chunky feet. She searched his body for just one freckle, which was nowhere to be found. I love how she examines him with such detail every time she sees him!

We all sat with tears wanting to spill out of our eyes.

She kissed him all over. There has never been any doubt about her love for him, but anyone that could witness Kacie with Isaac would be blown away by her obvious love for him!

We sat and visited for 1 ½ hours! Some of that time we talked about what was going on in Kacie’s life. Some of that time we shared funny stories about Isaac. Some of that time we just sat in silence as she hugged, kissed, played and looked at him!

My favorite part of this visit was to see how Isaac reacted to Kacie. There was something familiar about her to him. He was quiet and still as they both looked at each other. It was precious to me!

I have to be honest and admit that at one point I was afraid of how that would make me feel as Isaac’s mother. But nothing could be more precious to me, than to see them look at each other with such love and familiarity!

Kacie is Isaac’s birth mom, which is something that I will never be. She holds a place in his life that is hers alone. I would never want to take that from her, or diminish it in any way!

Don’t worry, I know full well that I am Isaac’s mommy. The Lord has chosen Chris & I to be his parents. I find myself attributing his personality or characteristics to Chris or myself all the time, and then remembering that his genes are not from us. It always makes me chuckle at myself every time!

Kacie is a precious part of our family, and she always will be! The Lord not only gave us a son, he gave us so much more! His purpose for Isaac’s adoption, we believe with all of our hearts, is so much bigger than we could ever imagine!


Hendrick Family said...

These pictures make me cry...and I had already seen them before!

I love this story, Shannan.

God is so good...

Look at ALL that we could have been missing out on!

I love you guys!

Praise God for this beautiful baby boy.

Praise God for adoption!


Jill said...

As I read this I have tears in my eyes!! What a sweet story that is your life. You are truly amazing and Isaac and Kacie are both blessed to be a part of it!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I love that kid, and I love the miracle of adoption. We are so blessed!