Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas 2009 Update!!

A friend brought to our attention the other day, that two years ago our Christmas
card had 3 kids in year ago it had 4 kids in it....and this Christmas 6!
Our family has been hand fashioned by a sovereign God!
We have seen and been part to miracles over the past year. We have watched as the Lord has moved in ways that make no human sense! Our God is Creator, Savior, Immanuel and He is sovereign!!

Although our family has been through a lot of change this past year, as we reflect we are overwhelmed with gratitude of how we are blessed! We have added members to our family, moved churches, met new friends...the Lord is good!!

I of all people do not enjoy change, but when the sovereign God directs those changes, the results are more than you could ask or imagine!

Chris and I celebrated
our 14th wedding
anniversary this past year! That could be
a whole other post. In short, there isn't a day that we don't see evidences of God's grace as he grows us closer to him and closer to one another. Chris has been blessed in his position with a local home health agency, and I am still a stay at home

Megan turned 13 this past year! We love her rebellion....her purposeful rebellion to the notion of "teenager". She is growing so much in her understanding of the Lord, and has become such a servant in our home! She gets more beautiful by the day!

Tyler turned 11 this past year. He has really enjoyed his little brother as Isaac gets older. His favorite things to do this year have been to play soccer, learn to play the guitar and read! That boy has a book in his hand every time I see him (Chris & I
aren't sure where he got that from). It is such a blessing to watch him become a servant leader!

Emma is 7 now (where did the time go?). We adore the creativity that she brings to our family. She is continually making things, encouraging all of us to use our
imagination, and teaching us to be a family that recycles! :) She has enjoyed new sisters to dress up with, and has become quite the example "big sister".

Catalina turned 4 in June this past year. Isaac brought dimples into our family, and Catalina has brought curly hair! She is truly a beautiful little girl! She loves to make everyone
laugh when she makes her hair wild & crazy! She and Emma have so much fun playing! We love her giggles and her snuggles!

Celeste is just barely 3. She is so full of energy and smiles! You can always count on Celeste to make you laugh. I should start writing down some of the things she says because seriously, this kid is just funny! We love her cuddles and her huge smile in the morning!

Isaac turned one this past years. He is running all over the house and has become quite crafty at finding his sisters when they try to hide from him. He is starting to talk and is quite the little personality! We can't imagine our family without his joy!

Psalms 127:3,5 "Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him...5 How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them!"


Rachel said...

Beautiful! I love your family and the demonstration of God's love that is so evident through you guys!

Michelle said...

Love your ever growing family! What a blessing for all!