Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long Lost Blog!!!

When your kids ask you if their family even has a blog anymore, you know it has been a long time since you updated! Granted, life has been a bit busy. The Lord has done amazing things! I will post all about our FINALIZATION later (yes, you read that right!)!

But for now, our amazing Megan wrote this poem for school, and I think it is beautiful! What a Christmas expression!

What is love you say?
Love is a man I admire with all my heart
The man I love is
Generous in giving
Loves those who hate him
He is merciful and great
He is LOVE.
The man I love is
Wonderfully great
Blesses those who persecute him
He is peaceful and unimaginable
He is LOVE.

The man I love is
Abba Father, LORD, God
Creator, The Lamb, The Great I Am
Friend, Hosanna, Redeemer
He is LOVE!


Hendrick Family said...

So beautiful Megan!


beccaellis said...

Megan! That was awesome! Keep writing! I am already looking forward to more.

Rachel said...

What an awesome poem!

Keep it up, Megan!

Rachel said...

Megan, very thought provoking! You will have to send me some poems to ponder while I am in Nicaragua. Love you girl.

megamoo1996 said...

Thank you guys so much I was sitting in class and the words came to me out of no where! And while everyone else was writting about guys and how much they love them i am writting about how i love my creator! He is the BOMB.COM!!!!

The Mosiers said...

Megan, that was beautiful!! I love how the Lord has shaped your heart and life into a beautiful young woman who is in love with him!

Miss you sweet girl!!