Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, I’m not sure that I would have ever dreamed it…but here it is…..Our Blog. This is one of those things that I said I would “never do”…. And here I am ….. “bloggin’ “ We like to say that these are OUR (current) THOUGHTS ON (some) THINGS!

We want to share all that is going on in our lives, and there is so much right now! The biggest thing going on right now, is that we are in the process of adopting a baby from New Life. The Lord has taught us so much already, and yet we are certain that there is so much more to learn!

So come travel on our journey with us. My goal is to be open, honest and real. I want the Lord to use all that he is teaching us in whatever ways that he wants!! I want to be open, humble and teachable. So here we go! Join our journey!


Ana said...

Amazing! I praise the Lord for giving me a chance to be a fly on the wall in the Feldman household! I am excited to see a glimps of the journey that the Lord has set out for y'all!

With Love,
Ana White

Danny said...
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greg said...

mmmm... i miss you shannon! Can't wait to see you and have some coffee station coffee! I'm excited by your passion for realness. Love you family and so excited about what He's doing in your life. -becca (on greg's account :)