Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan!!

I was telling a sweet young married girl last night that having kids just seems to fast forward your life!

Didn't we just bring our firstborn home? Didn't she just start kindergarten? Didn't she just........

I can't believe that our precious girl is 12 years old! Yep...12! She is starting 7th grade this year! Junior High...I might need counseling.
Actually we couldn't be more excited! There is very little that is more exciting than watching the Holy Spirit grow your children and use them!

We love her smile, her giggle & her silliness!

We love her tender heart.

We love the way that she removes herself from sinful situations. She has taught us a thing or two about receiving persecution.

We love the way that she loves the Word and studies it so creatively!

We love her helpful spirit with her brothers and sister.

We love how she makes sure that Emma has had time in the Word before she starts playing.

We love the way she listens to the Holy Spirit.

We love her repentant heart.

Our Megan is turning into quite the beautiful young lady, and we praise the Lord that her inner beauty is what shines through the most!

Col 2:7 "Let your roots grown down into him, and let your life
be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the
truth you were taught, and you will overflow with


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Jennifer Bacak said...

I love all those things about Megan too. I love the way she loves MY children too!
She is gorgeous, you are right, and that beautiful glow of spiritual growth is what we see first.
We love you Megan! Can't wait to hear about camp. We prayed for you.
All the Bacaks