Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

You may look at this picture and wonder, "What in the world?" But if you know Chris at all, you just smile and shake your head! Only Chris would put nasty Galveston beach seaweed on his head and chase our children out of the water!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and greatest Daddy in the world! I asked the kids what they loved about their Daddy and these are some of their responses....
  • he is silly (imagine that)
  • he dances in the kitchen with us (girls)
  • he wrestles with me (guess who?)
  • he takes us on dates (girls)
  • he loves to spend time with us even if we aren't doing anything
  • he can build things
  • he is funny
  • he growls at me (we imagined that's what Isaac would say)
  • he plays football & catch with me
  • he helps me with my homework (Megan)
  • he is a hard worker (Megan)
  • he is just nice (they all said that one..I will remind them of that )

It is truly a blessing to be married to this man for almost 14 years - Praise the Lord!! It is fun to watch all that the Lord is doing in his life, all he is teaching him, the leader he has become to our family!

The Lord has used Chris in so many ways to teach to love, how to be more compassionate & generous. I could go on & on...

I love you honey! I used to say that I couldn't wait to grow old with you, now I will just say, "I can't wait to grow OLDER with you!"

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!


Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Love the first picture!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Yay!!! Happy Bday!
We sang him Happy Birthday in the church parking lot, and I told him how happy I was that he was older than me.
The top picture is classic. So glad you put that one!
I love your post, and we love you guys!
And miss you Shannan!!! Get everyone well so you can re-join the world, K?

The Mosiers said...

Happy late Birthday Chris! Okay seriously we love you people and want to hang out!! We need to find a time to do dinner soon!