Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On The Sidelines OR In The Race..

So there is a lot of chatter about this 5K race that is taking place. My friend Jenn is putting together a 5K & maybe a 10K that will benefit the Child Survival Program at Compassion. Normally I would write about what an great opportunity this is for us to support an amazing ministry. Unfortunately that has already been done here and then here.
So why am I writing about this race? 
Because I am going to be in it. 

Those of you who know me are waiting for the punch line.

You see this is where I would normally make a funny joke about how I think running is sick. This is where I would normally write all about how I am going to make fun posters for my friends who are going to be running & drive along beside them in my car cheering them on. 

Simply put I do not run. Or at least I used to not run. 

The Lord has a funny way of telling us to do things that we have said we would never do! 

All of my life I have not been able to run. I was the kid who made everyone on the basketball team run extra "horses" because I would always stop.
I was the kid who tried to get lapped in PE class so I could run one less lap.
I was the kid who threw the shot put on the track team because the coaches said I wasn't "a runner".
Well the Lord is changing all of that. He has told me to run.

Right now I can only run for 60 seconds and then I am done! But hey...I am running. Run 60 walk 90...that's the plan for now.
So why am I writing all of this?
Because the Lord is asking me to do something that I KNOW I can't do! There is no way that on my own I can do this. If I am ever able to run a mile, it will be because of the Lord! 

I am scared to death. 
I am scared that I won't stick it out....maybe its the 25 years of failure that hint to this. 
I am scared that I will quit. is what I know....I know that God never asks us to do things that aren't for our best! God wants good things for me. God wants to teach me so much! 

So let's do this thing together in humility. If I can do this...anyone can! 
The Lord always rewards obedience! 

So I will run this race. I will finish...even if I can't run the whole time. I will ask the Lord to teach me. I will finish by His grace & in his strength! 

Let's start this journey together....8 1/2 weeks to go if you are counting.


Hendrick Family said...

So excited for you my friend!

No looking back, okay?


Nichole said...

yaayyy Shannan!

Feldman Family said...

I think this is the first ever blog comment I have made. I just want to publiclly lift you up Shannan and encourage you in what you have begun to do. You are an Amazing woman of Faith and Humility before God. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful, Godly, BEAUTIFUL woman!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I cant wait to cross the finish line of the race with you...

Jess said...

Shannan...I could not be more proud of you! I was smiling the whole time reading your post because I cannot count the number of times you have called me "sick" in regards to my running habits! Isn't God funny?
If I can come visit you soon, we will run TOGETHER!!! Praise God...can't wait to see what God teaches you in this journey with Him!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I'm so proud of you Shannan Feldman!!!
Do you remember me asking you to do this race, and you wouldn't look at me?
Look what God is doing inside of you! And He's going to finish it!
I can't wait for April 18th!