Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today Chris & I celebrate our 15th anniversary!
We will celbrate tonight at a soccer game - but we celebrated last week with an amazing get away to New York & Boston.

We walked across the Brooklyn bridge.
We walked through Central park.
We walked the Freedom Trail in Boston.
We sat and read.
We just enjoyed being together.
We had dinner at a table set for 2!
We laughed.
We talked about hard stuff.
We challenged one another.
We went out for dessert on a whim at 10:00PM!

What an amazing time to get away and just celebrate the last 15 years! I am amazed at how God can take two people who have absolutely NO idea of how to do marriage right, and teach us so much!
I am amazed at how God can take two people who are POLAR opposites and make us ONE!

Before you get 'wowed' with us or for us, you have to know that these 15 years are a testimony of God's grace in our life.
If your marriage stinks, there is hope for you!
You see, by all worldly standards, we should not still be married. By worldly standards and man's logic, we should only have 2 children.
But by God's grace He saved our marriage and continues to grow us closer to Him, and therefore closer to one another every day!
By God's grace we are blessed with 6 beautiful children and 15 amazing years together!
No marriage is beyond God's grasp - we want to shout it from the rooftops!!

Fifteen years ago today began a journey. There have been so many twists & turns, but I would not want to take that trip with anyone else in the world!
I love how you love me without condition!
I love how you serve us.
I love that you are my best friend!
I would pick you all over again (oh wait, you picked me :) )

Happy anniversary Honey - I can't wait to grow old with you!

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Rachel said...

What an encouraging post!

Sounds like you guys had an amazing getaway!!