Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hearts on Paper....

Have you ever tried to share your heart on something, in writing? I don’t just mean something random, but something that you are passionate about? Chris and I wrote our birthmother letters yesterday, and honestly, for me it was the hardest letter I have ever written.
What do you say to a woman who is making a sacrificial decision for her child, one that will affect your family forever! All of the preconceived ideas I have ever had about birthmothers – the Lord has shattered them all! I praise the Lord for that!
He has broken my heart for them. He has shown me the hurt that they live, the agony of their decisions. They carry around a life inside of them for 9 months, and then let it go. For most moms, that first 9 months is just the beginning of a whole new world. But for birthmoms, it is all they have!
As I wrote my letter I cried. I thought of what it would be like to feel a baby jumping and kicking inside of me, and then to let him go forever.
We pray for our birthmom every day – as a family & as individuals. Our prayer is so big, it is a good thing that we have a BIG God to answer!

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