Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our Packet is Done....That's Exciting Right??!!!!

Well, our packet is done. Chris will take it to Tomball on Thursday and give it to New Life. I don't think that I have ever completed a 'checklist' so long and intense!! But that was the easy part. In our PAC meeting, Cindy told us that the packet completion would be overwhelming, but an easy period in our lives. We would actually be doing something.

So I've been asking the Lord why would being finished scare me? ONE WORD....CONTROL.....

You see, as long as the "packet" sits in my house with something else that I need to complete, my hands are still in it. Why do we want control of everything. Just a little control...come on Lord...just a little.

His reply is simple.....TRUST ME.....

Sure we can say that we trust him, that we have faith, that we believe that he is sovereign....but do we really? Do our lives reflect that?? Do our choices reflect that?? The Lord alone knows that hearts of men, even when we don't know our own hearts.

So the lesson this week is simple...trust him. Let go of all control - we're just going to mess it up any way! I want to be like King David who said, I will not lift one finger to make myself king (even though he knew he was already annointed). In essence, David said to the Lord, it's all you Lord, you have to make this happen, in your time, in your ways, by your power.

Lord continue to teach us how to let go of all control in our lives.

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