Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Love Undescribable....

Chris & I had one of our two required adoption training seminars this past weekend. It was amazing, draining, emotional, informative, perspective changing..... I think you probably get the point. We learned a lot more about the whole process. The cool thing thing was that we didn't get get more information, God did something huge in our hearts!!
We have been praying for our baby to be & birthmother for some time now. This weekend at the seminar, there was a birthmother who had placed her baby just 2 weeks ago, that shared her story. She carried a book filled with just 4-5 pictures of her precious baby girl, but she held it so close to her heart! For the first time, I believe that "birthmother" had a face for us. We sat and listened as she shared her experience of picking adoptive parents, preparing for placement, and the grief that followed.

I have never known a birthmother personally. But to see her heart, to hear her hurt....somehow made it all the more real to me. We watched a video of an actual placement of a baby. To see that mommy hand her baby over to another woman to be his mommy....the Lord broke our hearts. He reminded us how hard this decision is...and how very SELF-LESS!! He reminded us of the sacrafice made! This isn't just about us adding to our family, it is so much bigger!

I praise the Lord that Chris & I share the same desire & passion to have a relationship with our birthmother. We love her already, with a love that doesn't come from us! We pray for her daily : for her salvation; comfort; her understanding who she is to God & how he sees her; her understanding that she is beautiful, and not because of the way she looks; for her protection; for wise choices; for freedom in Jesus' power from any strongholds that may be in her life.

We can't wait to meet her. We can't wait to love on her! We have NO idea what all of that looks like, but God does & we trust in his sovereignty! The LOVE that WE have for this precious lady COULD NEVER BE PUT TO WORDS! Praise the Lord for tears! Praise him for the grace he has given us, that we can extend it to others!! We are in AWE OF HIM!!!

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