Friday, December 28, 2007

A Little Faith....A FAITHFUL GOD!!

So much has happened again since my last post…one day I will actually keep up with this thing!

Soon after we had this renewed attitude of encouragement, the Lord began to move & do amazing things (NOT A COINCINDENCE)! I think that sometimes he just waits on us to learn & get it right so he can move! We are such slow learners sometimes! But he is Faithful – and so patient!!

I called New Life and was told that our home study would be scheduled some time after the new year. I was good with that! Encouraged even….and then the ball began rolling…FAST!

A phone call on the 7th (the day after my last post!! Ha!) was at the least, unexpected. They wanted to start our study the next day. We set up interviews for the following Monday. This was an amazing time to just get to visit with our case worker and get to know her, and answer a lot of hard questions.
· Why do you want to adopt?
· What part of this scares you?
· What are you most excited about?
· What are you most hesitant about?
· What or who is your support system?

So many questions that were introspective and good!!

Then we scheduled our individual interviews & our actual home study. New Life coming to our house was such a blessing! Our kids got to ask questions and take our case worker for a tour of our home. They loved it! And from a mommy & daddy perspective…it was amazing to hear their questions. They mostly wanted to know if they would get to meet the birthmother, and had questions about her. I praise the Lord for their love for her already!

Needless to say…our home study was done in a week! Our profile was beginning to be shown last week to birthmothers that are due in and around February. Who knows what the Lord has in store for us? His timing is perfect! He is faithful! We only want what he wants for us….nothing more, nothing less!

One thing is for sure on this journey….our focus has to remain him! Anything other than him for our focus is trouble! Lord help us to be faithful to keep you at the center of it all!

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Jennifer Bacak said...

Yes! Feldman baby, I can't wait to meet you! I'm always praying for your birthmom and baby. Love y'all, and I love walking with you through this process. It's a blessing to me!